I Got Carded And I Liked It…

The things you never think you’ll miss…

You know the Katy Perry song, “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it?” Well; been there, done that. Did I like it? Sure, but not enough for me to consider doing it for the rest of my life. I’m married, to a man. That ship has sailed for me. But wanna know what happened to me today that I did like and would love for it to happen the rest of my life? I got Carded!

That’s right? I got carded ya’ll and I liked it. I ordered a glass of bubbly while out for lunch with some girlfriends (some whom I’ve kissed, and some whom I’ve not). It felt good! The carding that is.

I’m 32 years old and the things that used to annoy the crap out of me in my 20’s I now miss in my 30’s. The Cat Calls. The ID checks. The “You look too young” comments from obnoxious strangers. They rarely happen anymore and when they do, I roll my eyes but secretly I like it!

A “ow ow” yelled from a passing car window while I’m on my run. A few random creepy stares from the construction workers down the road while I’m out walking my dog. The dick pics in my dms (ok maybe I don’t miss this one). But it’s like I got into my 30’s and those all became a once in a blue moon scenario. For awhile I enjoyed the peace, the silence, the non harassment filled days. But I must admit, they kept my ego high and my confidence booming. Now what?

Now, the cars just pass on by without a beep at my booty while I’m out for a jog. The younger then me bartenders don’t even bat an eye while they mix up a cocktail without hesitation or even a glimpse at my date of birth. No more eyeing me up from the mysterious man at the coffee shop while I stand in line for my iced mocha.

Welcome to my 30’s. Where I don’t ever get harassed, cat called, inappropriately side boob swiped by the “let me squeeze right past ya” man at the market. I guess I’ll have to go find my confidence in a more respectful way than ever before but for now all I have to say is…

“I got carded and I LIKED IT”

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