How I Bleached my Hair at Home

Not advice, Just experience!

Before & After
Insert tik tok trend : “Don’t do it girl” “I’m not going to do it girl, I’m just thinking about it” BAM… “I did it.”


Before I started I did loads of research. Brad Mondo, a famous hair stylist YouTuber being my number one resource.

Biggest takeaways being…

  • Never start with your roots
  • Bleach doesn’t lather
  • Drench your hair in bleach

I learned a lot from watching his Bleach Fail videos. Both what to do’s and what not to do’s. But I must say something came over me and I did a whole lot of the What NOT to do’s and thankfully everything still seemed to come out ok.

Products & Equipment

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Bleaching: Lightener:

30 Vol Developer:


10 Volume Developer:


Purple Shampoo:


Hair Clips:


Step One (It wasn’t pretty)

I mixed 1 part bleach and 2 parts toner.

Sectioned my hair into 4 parts, pulling small sections from each section and completely covering my hair from about 2 inches down from roots all the way through my ends (avoiding my roots).

I repeated this step until my whole head was covered.

Then I went back and bleached my roots as well! Roots process faster because it’s usually your virgin hair (it doesn’t have to eat through previous color) AND because the heat from your heat processes the bleach faster.

Once my head was fully covered in bleach I put a plastic bag over the top and I used a blow dryer to heat it.

I let my hair process for about 45 minutes and then rinsed, shampoo’d, and conditioned.


This is what it looked like after bleach number one

Step Two

I immediately did another round of bleach. (PLEASE ASSESS YOUR HAIR HERE, mine was super healthy still)

Repeat step one and then after rinsing I toned (while my hair was still wet) using a 2:1 Developer/Toner Ratio.

I covered my whole head in the toner mixture and let process for 20 minutes before rinsing, shampooing, and conditioning.


This is what It looked like after bleach two & Tone

Step Three

This time I decided to give it a day’s rest. (Again, please asses your hair. Mine was still feeling pretty healthy)

I repeated step one but this time I did not bleach my roots at all.

After rinsing, shampooing, and conditioning I used the same toner mixture on my wet hair and let process for 20 minutes.


This is after bleach 3 & tone

We are almost there!

Step 4

I gave my hair a week to rest. Mainly because I had to order and wait for a new toner I decided to try.

This time I did not bleach, I just toned.

New toner…


I mixed 2:1 developer/toner ratio and toned my wet hair. After processing for about 20 minutes I rinsed, shampoo’d, and conditioned.


after Last tone

Final Thoughts

Overall I am super happy with how much my hair lightened. I still have some gold’ish color from mid section down but I’m giving my hair a much needed break. I have been washing with purple shampoo and I plan to do another bleach when my roots need a touch up! Until then, I’d say this was a success! And to all the professional hairstylists reading this, I’m sure this was torture for you to witness.

Happy Bleaching!

XOXO- Shelly

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